Monday, April 21, 2008

A Real Young Girl (1976)

The question of the ideal DVD release for Christine Breillat's debut starring Charlotte Alexandra, A Real Young Girl (a.k.a. Une vraie jeune fille) is a no-brainer. There's only one English subtitled DVD of the film available. It's the NTSC R1 disc from Fox Lorber, but it's not too bad. The picture quality could definitely stand to be better - it's somewhat murky... definitely not up to par with their Perfect Love disc, but not as bad as 36 Fillette either, and - at least the subtitles are sharp and removable, and it's in its original, widescreen aspect ratio.

For a while this DVD was included in a boxed set with five other, non-Breillat-related films (Lies, In the Realm of the Senses, Erotique, Pola X, and L' Ennui) called the International Erotic Collection, but it's now long out of print. The disc in the collection was no different than the one sold separately, anyway.

There is a more recent Italian market R0 DVD (released in April '07 under the title L' Adolescente) out from Minerva Video which supposedly features a better quality, anamorphic transfer and the theatrical trailer, but it has Italian subtitles only.

So, like I said. Fox Lorber: no-brainer.

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congratulations for the great job!

I would like just to mention that there is a German DVD of the film out now, but unfortunately without English subtitles.