Friday, March 2, 2012

Breillat's Musical Side

So, you've seen all her films and read all her books (no easy feat, considering how many of both have yet to be released in English)... What's left to explore in Catherine Breillat's oeuvre? Well, how about her music videos? In the mid 2000s, Breillat shot three music videos for French singer Élodie Frégé. They're all readily available online, so I shall embed them for you now. :)

The first is "Je te dis non" off her self-titled debut album, released in 2004:

Next is "La fidélité" off her second album, 2008's Le Jeu Des 7 Erreurs:

And finally, there's "Si je reste (un peu)," also from Le Jeu Des 7 Erreurs:

Of course, like Breillat's films, these videos are in French, and there's no English translation available. But it's not Breillat's writing on showcase here; it's her visuals and how they compliment the music. So we're probably missing something in not being able to understand the lyrics, but hopefully it's not too integral to their appreciation.

Élodie has three albums in total, and you can find them all, plus heaps more info and stuff about her, at her official website: