Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dirty Like an Angel Coming To US DVD!

Thanks to Joseph, who commented on my last Night After Night/Nocturnal Uproar post, I contacted Pathfinder and can confirm what he reported: they DO plan to release Dirty Like an Angel (Sale comme un ange) on US DVD! They plan to release the DVD this fall, and if their recent disc is anything to go by, I think we can count on a nice, widescreen image with optional English subs. This will mean, while the quality may vary (36 Fillette, I'm looking at you), we will then have every film Breillat has ever directed on US, English language DVD.

And if that's not enough exciting news, Pathfinder also informs me that they're working on a Bilitis disc (which Breillat didn't direct but co-wrote... see my post on that film). They're currently looking for a proper quality source to master their transfer, so if anybody has any lines on proper film elements, drop by their site and let them know. =)
Update 7/20/11: Added the cover art. The link to pre-order it is now up on Amazon. Looks like another anamorphic (not that anybody does non-anamorphic anymore, do they?) widescreen, which is nice. Here's the description they give: "Georges Deblache (Claude Brasseur) is a police inspector who is past middle age and who is so despondent about his life that he refuses to have a medical check-up, even though he suspects he has cancer. His partner is Didier Theron (Nils Tavernier), who has recently married a woman whom he has worshipful feelings for -- feelings which don't stop him from routinely bedding the many women of color he encounters while doing his job. Georges takes a keen interest in his partner's unrealistically appreciated wife and pushes his way into her not entirely unwilling arms."