Sunday, May 25, 2008

UPDATE: Last Mistress

An English language DVD of Breillat's The Last Mistress (Une vieille maîtresse) has officially been announced from Artificial Eye (which makes sense, since they're the ones who released it into theatres in that market). It's PAL, Region 2 and scheduled for release on August 25th. No word yet on the features, but Artificial Eye are a good company, so let's be optimistic. =)

This is the first English language DVD of this film, but not the first DVD... see my previous post for info on the French language disc.

Update 7/9/8: Extras confirmed: the theatrical trailer (plus trailers for California Dreamin' (Endless), You, the Living and Terror's Advocate), deleted scenes with commentary by Breillat, and a 24-minute making of documentary... all the same as the French disc, but subtitled.