Monday, August 11, 2014

Abuse of Weakness Is Finally Landing

It seems like Abuse of Weakness (Abus de faiblesse)'s time in film festival purgatory is finally ending, at least here in the USA. It was taking so long I started to doze off, but thanks to Frank in the comments section for waking me up to this. Strand Releasing, the company that distributed Breillat's last two films here in the States, has picked up her latest. Their official page for the film is here. They'll be giving it their usual, limited art-house theatrical run this coming Friday (Aug 15), and then releasing it on DVD with a release date - at least according to this site; I can't find more official confirmation, but it sounds right - of November 10th. The official trailer is up here.

Keep your fingers crossed for a blu-ray edition, too. Strand does occasionally release them, but out of their nearly three hundred DVD titles, only six of them have gotten blu-ray counterparts, so the odds aren't in our favor. But hopefully this strikes them as one of their more high-profile releases.