Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bilitis English language Blu

It was pretty disappointing when that German Bilitis blu-ray turned out to have no English language options. Well now there's another blu, this time from Spain, and it does have the English audio, as well as the French, German and Spanish tracks. Unfortunately, it has several subtitle options, but not including English, so you can't select the French audio with English subs. But still, this blu-ray has the English audio, which puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the German disc.

It's from a company called Llamentol - here's their official webpage. They've also released a DVD edition for fans who haven't gone blu. Unfortunately, Llamentol is known to release their discs on BD-Rs, which isn't ideal. But clearly the fates will not allow us an uncompromised Bilitis release; so if you're bound to the English language, this seems to be the new best bet.