Thursday, May 26, 2011

Night After Night Is Here!

My copy has just arrived today... Nocturnal Uproar/ Tapage nocturne - here titled Night After Night - is finally available on DVD! That's a screenshot above (click to enlarge it to full size)... As you can see, it's a proper widescreen transfer and it has optional English subtitles. I have to say, I never thought I'd see this one hit DVD, much less in Region 1, so I'm through the roof!

The official box description reads, "Solange is the female version of a womanizing film director who is confident about her conquests and her ability to figure out men. Along comes Bruno, a man she can’t stand. Solange's faith is put to a test. In spite of her better judgment, she is undeniably attracted to Bruno and sleeps with him over and over again. From the director of 'Fat Girl,' 'Romance' and 'The Last Mistress' comes yet another confrontational tale of sexual conquest."

Now, maybe we can talk Pathfinder Pictures into releasing Dirty Like an Angel/ Sale comme un ange, and our collections will be complete! =)

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Joseph Pellegrino said...

Appreciate the site - it was here I first learned about the DVD of Nocturnal Uproar.

I emailed Pathfinder about Dirty Like An Angel and they responded this morning:

"Yes we are plan to release Dirty Like an Angel this fall.

Thank you for your support."

I'm excited, even though Nocturnal Uproar wasn't the film I was expecting.