Saturday, April 19, 2008

36 Fillette (1988)

36 Fillette (in some markets known as Virgin) is one of Briellat's earlier but highest regarded films. It has long been out on DVD in the US from Fox Lorber for ages, but the transfer is terrible. It's cropped to full-frame (though the trailer included is widescreen), and the picture is murky, dark and looks like it was ripped from an old VHS tape - in fact, on a new tape that hasn't been over-worn, the picture would actually look a bit brighter and clearer. The folks at Fox Lorber should be genuinely ashamed for putting out such shoddy, low quality work.

So, now here's another reason to be jealous of the French:

In late 2007, Éditions Montparnasse put out a new DVD of 36 Fillette in it's original aspect ratio with an anamorphic, quality image revealing that the movie was shot on actual film, as opposed to wax paper as Fox Lorber would have us believe! It was released separately, or as a 4-disc boxed set of Breillat's films, also including Romance X, A ma soeur! (b.k.a. Fat Girl in the US) and Sex Is Comedy. The DVD also features a brief making-of featurette. But unfortunately - of course - they didn't bother to include English subtitles on this edition.

Check out these screenshot comparisons (see if you can guess which are which):

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