Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breillat Boxed Set

Ok, let's say for a minute that you do speak French (even though that goes against the very premise of this blog! haha)... or maybe you've got your French/English dictionary in your lap and you're up for a challenge. Well, then this set, which I've already mentioned in four previous posts, is what you want.

The box, released in late 2007 by from Editions Montparnasse is simply titled Catherine Breillat (or Catherine Breillat X, depending whether you think that X from the Romance poster is part of the title or just graphic design). It's four movies on four discs: 36 Fillette, Romance, Fat Girl and Sex Is Comedy... all are top-notch transfers. In fact, as I mentioned in my post for that film, the 36 Fillette transfer is light-years behind the god-awful transfer from Fox Lorber we English speakers have been saddled with (see that post for screenshot comparisons). So you already want this for the vastly superior 36 Fillette transfer.

But then you also want this because three of the four films come with additional making-of featurettes that aren't available anywhere else. Only Sex Is Comedy is missing one. Of course, like the films themselves, none of these extras come with English language options, so we're left out of the fun. :(

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