Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For Completists Only

Like the title says, only the most seriously completist Breillat fans will be interested in this one (unless you're interested in the film for non-Breillat-specific reasons, of course), but for the real die-hards, here it is: Gli Occhi, la bocca (Those Eyes, That Mouth). Breillat only worked as assistant editor on this 1982 drama written and directed by Marco Bellocchio (perhaps best known for his unorthodox film of Henry IV starring Marcello Mastroianni) with co-writer by Vincenzo Cerami.

This is available on a nice, anamorphic widescreen DVD from RHV. It's a Region 2 PAL disc, in its original Italian, with optional English and Italian subtitles. It also features the trailer and some (unfortunately, minus any English translation) interviews as extras. It's your only option, but except for maybe an NTSC port with subtitles on the interviews, you can't ask for much more than this, anyway.

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steven s. said...

Just discovered your blog. Nice work.

I would like to point out that the Bellocchio film did come out in VHS in the USA. It can be found on half.com and other places for quite reasonable prices.