Friday, March 25, 2011

Nocturnal Uproar Coming To US DVD!

There is now an Amazon listing for a film called Night After Night on Amazon... Well, looking at the details (directed by Catherine Breillat, starring Dominique Laffin, etc) this can only be one movie... Nocturnal Uproar! This film's never had a proper US release before, which I gather explains the new title ("nocturnal uproar" isn't exactly a natural, English phrase); but it's got to be this film... and just when I'd given up hope!

It's coming from Pathfinder Home Entertainment (though, so far, they haven't added any Night info to their website). There aren't many details, except they promise anamorphic widescreen, and list a running time of 92 minutes. The release date is set for May 24, so mark your calenders!

Now we just need Dirty Like an Angel...

Update 4/19: adding the DVD cover:

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