Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brief Crossing (2001)

Brief Crossing (Brève traversée in its homeland), about a chance encounter between an English woman in her mid 30's (Sarah Pratt) and a 16 year-old French boy (Gilles Guillan) during an overnight ferry ride, is a more subdued film, at least by Breillat standards. It's essentially available on two DVDs: the US edition from Wellspring (which has since been absorbed into the Weinsteins' Genius Products company) and the UK one from Second Sight Films.

Both are widescreen transfers, but only the R2 PAL DVD is anamorphic. So that's the preferable transfer. However, Wellspring went the extra mile and recorded a new interview with the director for their edition. So you'll want to get the UK disc; but if you're a big enough fan, it might be worth getting both.

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