Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bluebeard DVD in 2010

Diane from New Wave Films has been good enough to drop us a line to let us know that there are definite plans for an English language Barbe bleue DVD in 2010! She writes, "I work for New Wave Films, the London based distribution company which bought the distribution rights for the UK and Ireland. We'll be releasing Bluebeard theatrically and on DVD in 2010. Check our website for more updates:"

There's nothing Breillat-specific on their site yet, though; I've checked. But we still have half a year 'till '10, so I'm sure there'll be a page or two on the film by then. And I'm guessing we're looking at a third or fourth quarter DVD release, since they're releasing it theatrically in 2010 first. But, hey, I'm happy just knowing that it's coming. 8)


pgm said...

Sorry, this is unrelated to Bluebeard, but have you seen the 1978 Claudine TV series based on Colette's novels (Claudine à l'école, à Paris etc..), starring Catherine's sister Marie-Hélène? I really loved this series when I discovered it years back on television. Do you know if it is available on DVD? As well, do you know whatever happened to Marie-Hélène? It seems she disappeared on the face of the earth in the early 80s.

Anonymous said...

I'm also waiting for the dvd release of Claudine à Paris etc. Hope it will come soon.