Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La barbe bleue in English!

Despite being a made-for-TV movie in its homeland, apparently La barbe bleue (Blue Beard) is getting played in festivals in the US and other countries. Among other things, that means they've made an English translation. This also means the chances of some kind of English language DVD have greatly increased (perhaps moreso in the UK and Canada than the US, who are still waiting for a Last Mistress release)!

Check out this review at Variety (based on it's screening at The Berlin Film Festival)... sounds promising! Now let's just hope we get to find out for ourselves.

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Unknown said...

I work for New Wave Films, the London based distribution company which bought the distribution rights for the UK and Ireland. We'll be releasing Bluebeard theatrically and on DVD in 2010.
Check our website for more updates: