Monday, November 17, 2008

Bad Love

Catherine Breillat has been giving interviews about her upcoming film, titled Bad Love, based on her recent novel of the same title (pictured right... it has yet to be translated into English). It's set to be produced by Jean-François Lepetit (who also did The Last Mistress), and star Naomi Campbell and Christophe Rocancourt.

The story is about Vivian Parker, a glamorous film actress who meets Louis at a film festival. On a whim, she gives him her phone number and they wind up in a passioniate and destructive love affair.

In one interview, with (click the link to read the whole thing), she explains that the film is "going to be in English, but not like the French directors who want to make an American film... I'm going to make the film in France. Only the beginning will be set in Toronto. I want Niagara Falls. But otherwise, I want to be in my country, in my home, to make a film. Artisanal again." She also talks about the film in this interview with

They're looking for a 2009 release. ...Meanwhile, I guess Barbe Bleue has been shelved? (Actually, it was completed; see this post.)


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Breillat has filmed "Barbe Bleue" as a TV movie for the channel ARTE. Here is a link to the press release:

Werner von Wallenrod said...

Thanks for this! That helped me find even more info on the film, and I just made a post about it. :)